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Our Missions. Films and Landscapes around the World.

The Humping Pact operates on the basis of missions: thematic threads unified by a common condition or location. Thanks to the community of our supporters, we travel around the world to find the locations that used to have or still have a lot of unrealized potential. We then bring our two bodies in relation to each sensitive spot on those beautiful artefacts of human persistence and attempt to release their potential through a mix of affective physicality and contemporary technology. The choice of humping in this case is dictated by the need of persistent meditation on transcending the futility of dedicated simulation. In other words, the energy is channeled from the space, through our bodies, into the screen only if we suspend the pre-climax condition that never realizes itself in the orgasm.

Brussels “I Fail Good” Mission

Exploring the potency of abandoned, disused, failed, and otherwise dysfunctional places in the city of Bruxelles.

Zollverein Coal Mine Mission

A tribute to labor and industry at the beautiful Zollverein Zeche area in Essen, Germany.


Frankfurt Mission

Abstract Derivatives: live installation performance.

Berlin Mission

A meditation on apocalyptic nature of Berlin hedonism.


Gothenborg Mission

Bodies on rocks in remote Swedish islands.

Vienna Mission

A lecture-performance on Humping.


Copenhagen Spring Mission

Humping the art, the gallery, the city, and the media. A story of dissemination.

Italy Mission

A triptych in collaboration with Felix Matthias Ott filmed on location at Centrale Fies cultural center, Dolomites, Italy.


PACT Zollverein Residency

Exploring the concept of residency through humping and institutional penetration.




Pin Map or Where We’ve Been So Far…