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Berlin Mission

Coming Up: Berlin Mission

The video below is a teaser for our Berlin mission that is set to start in 2013. Using protracted fusion both as the technique and methodology, we came into intimate physical contact with one of the city’s main landmarks, the TV Turm.


Berlin is the city that always attempts but never manages. It’s constantly on the border of collapse, but it knows how to experience the moment before the moment in the most intense way possible. Bare empty spaces, pure geometrical shapes of the streets, demarcated areas left as a reminder of the city’s schizophrenic past – all this serves as the background for the most hedonistic activity that takes place in Berlin’s many distinct neighborhoods. There is no particular center, no specific hierarchy. Every area is its own and on its own. They are all distinct and yet they are all connected. The most central spot of Berlin is the TV tower, which is a symbol of something that was supposed to impress (and maybe even oppress), but nowadays serves purely for orientation – either for those who wander and want to be found, or simply for tourists who get attracted to it, as if it were a candy that had to offer all the pleasures of this world at once.


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