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Copenhagen Mission – The Humping Pact

Humping the Art, the City, and the Media

Live performance at The Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, in February 2012, and some explorations in the city of Copenhagen.

The video above documents our activities in the city of Copenhagen, where we presented our Zollverein mission at Charlottenborg Fonden Spring Exhibition. The initial idea was that we just show the video, but the Kunsthal invited us to also do a live performance at the opening of their 2012 Spring Exhibition. More than 2000 people have gathered on that night to witness what was announced in the local newspapers as “dozens of naked men humping the official gallery of the Royal Danish Academy of Art.” We decided to follow up the adventure with the local media and created a short, but exciting story that continued to unfold in the local press for several days after the show. The act of suspended persistence and belief in the futile turned into a dissemination / contamination endeavour, which was becoming so successful that we had to stop it (our newly found followers in Norway still continue – although they didn’t get it right, but whatever :)