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Gothenburg Mission: Stones

Gothenburg Stones

“The tissue of the universe is continuous [...] some ancient, diffused magnetism; a call from the center of things; a dim, almost lost memory, or perhaps a presentiment, pointless in so puny a being, of a universal syntax. [...] proclaim, or illustrate, more spectacularly than is usually the case, but at the same time in a manner almost obligatorily reticent and cryptic, the existence of fundamental constants which ensure the latent continuity of the tissue of the world. Then the object makes a sign, becomes sign. It attracts onto itself that exact imagination, which reveals the object more than inventing it.”
– Roger Caillois, L’Ecriture des Pierres (The Writing of Stones)

Special thanks to Skogen platform for inviting The Humping Pact to Gothenburg


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