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PACT Zollverein Residency

The Humping Pact, Residing at PACT Zollverein Choreographisches Zentrum. Short film.

“Residence is, immunologically speaking, a defensive measure designed to demarcate a sphere of well-being from invaders and other agents of unwellness’ [...] Constructing a residence is, in other words, a ‘preventive measure’ that establishes a physical border between the protected interior and the potentially dangerous exterior.” – Peter Sloterdijk
Developed during Dmitriego Paragullo’s PACT Zollverein residency.

In 2011 we were invited for a residency at PACT Zollverein center for choreography in Essen, Germany. We really appreciated the time and space that we were given, however there was not much to do in the empty studio. We had a common interest in pornography and specifically how manga Japanese animation makes use of the loops to intensify the experience prior to climax. On top of that we also were pondering on the whole concept of “residency” as a space where you are supposed to search inside and find something that could possibly (but not necessarily) be shown outside. Hence, the idea of simulation, masturbation and rubbing ourselves against various objects in the studio came to our mind (a big thank you to Harmony Korine for The Trash Humpers and David LaChapelle and the krumpers for the Stripper dance moves). As we explored the humping practice, we took off our clothes and ventured outside of the studio into the corridors of PACT, other dance studios, cantine, reception, and, of course, the stage itself.

The video above documents the process of penetrating the cultural venue (in all senses possible).


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