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The Humping Pact is a project by two friends who made a pact to occupy spaces humping together. We share the perversion of multiplying our two naked bodies and spread them all over the frame and beyond.

The spaces that we find for humping should in themselves be perverse and somewhat dysfunctional: such as abandoned factories, failed city areas, disused or misused facilities. We then put our bodies in relation to them in order to release the excess desire and tension present within.

Our humping adventure is mission-based: each mission has a unifying thread, be it a geographical location or a certain theme. It is made possible by our supporters, who generously finance the practice through contributions and purchasing our work.

Part of the humping practice is spreading the joy of our encounters, so we are grateful to the hosts who helped us communicate what we’re doing and inspired us for the new adventures: Vimeo, YouTube, Oberhausen Film FestivalBeursschowburg art center, PACT Zollverein centre for choreography and performing arts, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Dazed & Confused, CoolHunting,olitiken, BUTT Magazine, Vienna Shorts, BILD, Arsenal Gallery and others.

Below you can see some excerpts from the installation and the various contexts where The Humping Pact appeared so far. You can also refer to the current list of exhibitions if you want to see The Humping Pact live and our Press section.

It is also possible to purchase the photo prints of this work and to become a supporter.

The Humping Pact (video)

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The Humping Pact (The Justice Palace in Brussels, photo print)

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The Humping Pact (video and photo installation, exhibitions)

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The Humping Pact (film trailer)

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