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Join the Pact

We rely on your contributions to keep humping. Our mission is to travel the world and find the most beautiful locations that can be brought to new life with the convulsive energy channeled through the human body. You can join The Humping Pact by becoming a producer or a supporter of this work below. We will then put your name on this page and into the film / video credits, send you a special episode for supporters only, and invite you to one of our live events or exhibitions. Depending on the level of your contribution you can also be invited into one of our videos for a single guest appearance and you can propose a landscape that needs some persistent meditation on transcending the futility of dedicated simulation. We promise to hump it if it fits into our forthcoming missions. Anonymous contributions are also possible, just specify that when you make the payment and we will never reveal your identity.


Our Supporters

Producers: Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agullo, Beursschowburg Kunstencentrum, BRUT Wien, Mousonturm, Skogen Gothenborg

Co-Producers: PLAYBerlin, Manuel de Santaren, Donald Westerlund, Arsenal Gallery

Supporters: Michel Richard, Claire Jacquet, Eudes Grange, Lou J D, Mark Zachard, Steven Cronin, Eberhard Lanik, Joseph Pomroy, Adam Moore, Thierry Toussaint, Nick Tyrovolas, Tony Petersen, Christoph Hinderer, Nicolas Depaepe (Belgium)

Donors: Romain Deminier, Ana Monteiro, John Cameron, Oceane Ciuni, Michael Brennan, Josef Barnickel, Jean-René Bader, R R Vlastuin, Gregory Okulove, Rodrigo Lopez Bernez, Drasko Bogdanovic, Richard Cardran (USA)

Backers: Stephen P, Damien Beignon, Guillaume F. (France), Kristof Lomjanszki, Robert Bader, Ovali Linna, Imani Change, Chung Thanh Son Daniel,


Special thanks to

Our supporters and collectors (thanks to you we can continue),
PACT Zollverein (for giving us the space and time),
Xavier Guissart (for helping us make the Justice Palace image),
Harmony Korine (for Trash Humpers),
David LaChapelle and the Krumpers (for The Rize and the stripper dance),
Emma Kim Hagdahl (for her great advice at the early stages),
Anna Czaban (for her support and building a beautiful installation in Arsenal gallery),
Jacques Dupont (for technical advice),
Felix Mathias Ott (for being an inspiring friend),
Performing Arts Forum (for still having our poster on the wall),

and all the art centers, festivals and organizations that have been supporting us:
Beursschowburg in Brussels (especially!),
Charlottenborg Fonden in Copenhagen,
Oberhausen Short Film Festival,
Brut in Vienna.


We also Accept BitCoins

Simply make a transaction to
bitcoin: 1NG95qwnv6EWWt4kqCNZPNwS4HkVnCDz94